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Skyblock is online!

ben1122a_ SkywarsOwner posted Mon at 20:03

Skyblock is back up! (thanks mostly to GreenSheepYT)

We are working on getting GTA up as soon as possible. Also, prepare for a new website design in the near future!

doremonloves03 what is kappa?
doremonloves03 thank you!!!!
doremonloves03 what is kappa?

We are back online! (again)

ben1122a_ SkywarsOwner posted Fri at 3:27

The server is online again!

some really weird stuff was happening that we couldn't quite figure out untill now. Come play again!

TBNRGeorge Next time use this password: " 12345678 " OR " password ". EZPZ :lol:
sharkteddy i forgot my password i cant play anymore
ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerFrom this point on, only admins will be allowed to make posts here. Regular users may still comment, but these comments must be related to the post. Do not comment ban appeals, reports, or "PLS DO THIS" posts.
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ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerIF you think there is something deemed as an "emergency", comment here. (no, you getting banned is not an emergency)
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ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerALL ban appeals go HERE.
How to Make a Ban Appeal [Official]
If you believe you have been unfairly banned, then this is the place for you to make a thread. Please remember that using the format, correct grammar, and being polite will result ...
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ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerALL player reports go HERE.
How to Report a Player [Official]
This format should be used and applied on all reports, as it allows a more efficient system for staff members. If you notice a player breaking any of the server rules, please post ...
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ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerquestions about the status of a server (is it off, is it on, is it being updated/fixed) go here.

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MarsSGaming   owner im a shadow on Hide N' seek well i wanna be a ninja is there a discount?
_AhmadPlayz_   why is sb closed atm ?
ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerSHORT questions about something can go here.

your question:
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MarsSGaming   owner im a shadow on Hide N' seek well i wanna be a ninja is there a discount? because if it has discount where i find it...?
thank you
ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerQuick bug reports can go here.

your report:
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madarauchiha1_what is kappa? .-.
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VenturaBrimMCtfw people say "only post applications"
"stay on topic please" and they them self do it. Hypocritical ain't it? anyways stay on topic because like my new bowl is round
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