GTA 3.0 Release


Skywars 3.0 is coming soon!

Release Date: Sunday, July 16th, 2017. 7PM CET

Update Information:
  • Teams: Normal players will default to only getting team sizes of 2. You can get team sizes of 3 by either donating, or ranking up by winning games.
  • Non-Donation Ranks: You can rankup to Falcon, Hawk, and Eagle with rankup tokens. You get 1 token each time you win a game. It takes 30 to rankup to falcon, 40 to rankup to hawk, and 50 to rankup to eagle. Each rank has a special prefix and 3 special kits. Once you rank up to hawk, you can have a party size of 3. Once you get to eagle, you will be able to /feed, and exchange rankup tokens for coins. If you want party sizes of 4+, you will have to donate.
  • Wands: Wand chests can be found in normal chests, as well as in some kits. Right clicking while holding these chests will give you a random wand. by left clicking with these wands, you can cause some amazing things to happen. More information will be available in game by using the help book.
  • Feather Launcher: The feather launcher is back, and it's been improved! It now integrates with our anticheat better, to prevent some of the annoying lag-backs and false jumps. Simple right click it as before to fly into the air!
  • Lucky Blocky/Lucky Mode: Lucky Blocks are back! While the majority of normal maps still have some lucky blocks (sponges) on them, there are also lucky map types! These map types will give you a large amount of lucky blocks inside chests, as well as throughout the map.
  • Insane Mode: Insane mode is similar to the normal mode, except the items you get in...

I've made this thread to inform the community of current events, problems and other stuff related to KitPvP. It's not necessary to read all I have written, but I highly recommend to do so. I've organized the thread in spoilers so it's easier to find the info you are looking for.

Starting off with the reset: coins have already been reset, but I totally missed out on kit unlockers, ranks and levels in crazy kits. For that reason, all the stats have been reset (kits, money, levels). I understand that some people work pretty hard and pvp a lot on the server so I'll add a global booster (12 hrs) for getting more levels as well as 3 default kits for everyone.

Since KitPvP has been back up in the past couple of days, quite a few bugs have showed up and need to be eliminated. Some of them are:
  • Bows not doing damage
  • Glitching with enderperals
  • Glitching with certain kits (might just remove those)
  • Invincibility bug on afk
  • Small problems with anti cheat
I will spend some time tomorrow and most likely fix these bugs, but for easier work, the server will stay whitelisted. Don't worry, it won't take long, and most likely KitPvP will be open some time on Tuesday afternoon (CET) if not sooner. I might have missed out on some bugs, but I'd be thankful if you could share the problems you have experienced in the past couple of days. Any suggestions will be appreciated! (Try to put all the bugs/suggestions in one reply by editing the post instead of creating multiple ones)

We have updated and improved our donator ranks a little. There are also mystery boxes now available (or soon will be) at the donation store! If you wish to donate and support us, visit:
If you had...
Release Date: TBD

Progress update and feature showcase:

Map Contest: Click Here!
Hi everyone,

This Saturday Dave will be announcing all the winners of the vote contest from last month!
You can join us tomorrow around 4-6 CET or follow him at and get a notification when he's live!

Hello Randomcrafters!

After all of our server and forum upgrades, we would like to try to get back among the top servers on the voting sites! Therefore, we are opening up a vote contest again to encourage you guys to vote for the server!

The top voters will get:
  • 1st. 25 Euro coupon code
  • 2nd. 20 Euro coupon code
  • 3rd. 15 Euro coupon code
  • 4th. 10 Euro coupon code
  • 5th. 5 Euro coupon code
  • 6th/10th. A vote badge on the forums (which 1st-5th will also receive)
In the event of players tying for positions, a lottery will be used to determine who gets what place.

Thank you for your support!