Hey, As you already know alot of changes are going through on RC, and when we release our premium server, we need a few starter staff so if you would to become staff all you need is a premium account.
Note that all staff ranks are GLOBAL which means you are staff in the whole network.
The rank ladder is:
JrMod>Mod>SrMod>JrAdmin>Admin>SrAdmin>Head Admin
Sr stands for Senior, Jr stands for Junior

Application Format:



Age (This does not affect your application):

How much can you be on weekly?:

Previous Staff Experience (on rc):

Ever been banned on rc before? If yes why?:

Why should we pick you as staff?:

Why do you want to become staff?:

Other comment/info:


Some people aren't required to apply, Don't take this personal, it's cause their previous work on rc.

Good luck to everyone, Staff will be announced after the server is released
Because Im moving places I have no time to work on the server this weekend. My provider also decided to shut down my internet because they thought I already moved to my new place. So ive had no internet since Thursday. If this wasnt the case the server wouldve been up and running already. My internet ahould be back on Monday so the release date will be postponed. My apoligies.

Hi all,

The cracked server will stop working in 2 days. On Saturday the 10th of Febraury we will open RC again but this time in premium mode.

More info will come soon.

Update 1:
We've decided to premium because of the following reasons
  • We do not have a solution for the bot attacks.
  • We had too many servers for our player count
  • We can't improve a server because we are constantly getting griefed
  • We want a safer server

Randomcraft will start over. We know the player count will drop by a lot and we would be lucky to hit 20 players. Our plan is to rebuild the server again while being premium. It's a risk we have to take because we couldn't revive cracked Randomcraft anymore. Some servers will be gone for now but once we grow they will come back.

All staff ranks will be lost (with some exceptions) and we will pick new ones by application.
We will add global ranks

Did you purchase a rank on another server?
If you've donated on another server that is not there anymore you will get your donation revenue in our global ranks. So if you were gold on prison you will get a global rank on our premium server that's the is worth the same amount of money.
Hello Randomcraft players! As I promised, the update will be released on New Years, So happy new years, hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Here is a change log of what is on KitPvP. Also please note I did try to add things before this deadline, but RC and my console were constantly down. So please report all bugs in the beta test thread! Happy PvPing!
KitPvP 4.0 Changelog:
  • New main KitPvP lobby
  • Staff rearrangement
  • Menu fixes
  • New ranking system for donators
  • Medals for players
  • New scoreboard
  • Fixes in some glitches/exploits
  • Increased security for KitPvP
  • Punishment histories/ current bans are now lifted for most players.
  • Less lag. Better Hit registration
  • Herobrine removed
  • RC-UHC Events hosted once in a while
  • UHC will include twists with Crazykits
  • Mega Event on January 6th Saturday @ 5:00 PM CST
  • All Stats (I.E. Votes, Crazykits, PracticePvP, Kills, Deaths, Playtime, Donations) ARE CLEARED.
  • Donators please go HERE to reclaim ranks. (yes even if I know you have a rank, just reclaim it here so I don't forget. Also Ranks wont be given out for 3 days atmost.)
  • Other goodies so just be on the look out
  • Hidden areas in main KitPvP lobby for winning prizes. This includes Ranks, Crazykits Kits, kit unlockers, coins, stat boosts, special perks, and cosmetics

  • Kitbattle officially renamed Crazykits
  • Crazykits new map Nara (FPS Heavy)
  • Crazykits new map Flared (FPS Light)
  • Complete revamp on kits for Crazykits
  • Complete revamp on rank names in Crazykits
  • Quests added. (Nara)
  • Items now drop
  • Players can pick items up
  • Soup price decreased to 5.5
  • Items clear...
Hello RC KitPvP player,
I recently fucked up and may or may not have lost everyones rank while trying to make new ranks.
So uh just please reclaim it here.
Happy Holidays!
Hello Randomcraft Community
To get accepted for Hide N Seek And BedWars staff you should fill out the application below.
U can Apply For Both Servers But That Doesnt Mean U Will Get Chosen on Both Of them.
There Will Be 4 New Trial-Mods For Hide N Seek Server. And 6 New Trial-Mods For Bedwars Server.

  • Your in-game nickname:
  • Age:
  • Server U Applying For : (Hide N Seek/\Bedwars Or Both Of them):
  • Have you been banned from any of the RandomCraft servers?(If yes explain why):
  • What is your timezone?:
  • Are you fluent in any languages other than English?:
  • How long can you spend on the server per week? (Just estimate):
  • What makes you special?:
Please read FAQ for some answers.
That's pretty much it! Copy it and paste it down bellow and complete it! For any other questions you can follow here! Don't lie on it! We will check everything.

1. Do i get any free ranks for being staff?
No. You don't get any free ranks for being staff, you just help the server out for yourself! You still need to buy a rank to get kits/other special abilities! But you do get respect from the manager/owners for helping out. Every cheater you ban makes the server much better.

2. How do I know if I become staff?
You get a private message on forums from me! I will ask you to add me on skype and join the staff group, its mostly to know upcoming stuff much earlier (or just chat with cool people)

3. I am a younger age, is it still ok if i become staff?
Yes! Its fine if your younger than other staff.