Dear RC'ers,

Alter and I have talked about the Staff Team being very messy in RandomCraft. As such, we will be changing the staff hierarchy.

Instead of every server having different staff members, Staff will be split into two big groups.

Staff of SkyBlock, Prisons, Factions, GTA will be grouped under one, meaning that staffs of SkyBlock would be staffs of Prisons, Factions as well as GTA. This group will be called Progression.
Staff of SkyWars, HideNSeek, KitPvP, EggWars, BedWars, Minigames will be grouped under one. This group will be called Minigames.

Server Managers would be Global RC Admins. Server Managers of the Progression Block would decide who is staff there and Server Managers of the Minigames Block would decide who is staff there.

Thus, the hierarchy for RandomCraft will be as of this:
Owners : Ben, Alter
Event Manager: HYLIN_
Server Managers: Kosova_, treav0r, Tech, Aerick, ex2, Proxorr, WhoStoleMyChips, Neretus, Kobra, Fofox
Executive Staff: (These are staff that have been chosen by the Server Managers to have console and to help them out with the server. These staffs will not have any permissions aside from the server they are in)
Progression Admins and Minigames Admins
Progression Mods and Minigames Mod
Progression Trial-Mods and Minigames Trial-Mods

Therefore, ALL STAFF APPLICATIONS at this point will be halted.

Current Staff Members will have to choose one of these blocks, and we will decide whether you can continue being a Staff Member.

Current Staff Members please reply to this thread using the following format:
Current Staff Rank:
Desired Staff Rank (Progression / Minigames) :
Why do want this rank:
How many hours are you spending on RC:
Why do you think you would make a great addition to our team:
Any additional Comments:

This new system will come into effect once all staff members of the blocks have been decided (ETA: End of November)

Please keep peeled to this page for more updates....
Hello RC'ers!

I am organizing a pvp contest which would be held on the 4th of November, 7pm CET.
This pvp contest will be held by the Manager of SkyBlock, treav0r.

The prizes are as follows:

Winner Team: 10 Euro Coupon Code each
Runner Up Team: 5 Euro Coupon Code each
2nd Runner Up Team: 10% Coupon Code each

Contestants will be given Protection 3 full Diamond kit!

To apply, just reply to this thread in the following format:

NOTE: You'll need a TEAM of 2 for this event!

IGN (1):
IGN (2):
Rank (1):
Rank (2):

Thank You!
Hello RC'ers,

I am HYLIN_, the Event Manager for RandomCraft.

As Halloween is round the corner, we will have an on-going sale of 10% from now till 1st November 2017! Sales are rare in RandomCraft so make use of the chance!

In addition, these are the contests that will be on-going in RandomCraft and the rewards:

The Monthly vote contest will begin on the 1st of November 2017.

The winners will get:
1) 15 Euro Coupon Code
2) 10 Euro Coupon Code
3) 5 Euro Coupon Code

The first person on Prisons to reach the Prestige Z rank will win a 7 Euro Coupon Code

The first person to reach the rank of PotatoGod on Hide N Seek will win a 7 Euro Coupon Code!

We hope you will have a fun time playing RandomCraft!
Hello RandomCrafters,
I'm happy to annouce that
MiniGames v2 is Now online!
We've done so much things on the server to improve it and make players enjoy their stay there, I will list few things that are added to the server.

- Arcade Modes!
We now have 3 different Arcade modes.
Which means multiple mini games played in just 1 game, with connected rewards and kits!
1 -
Arcade mode: Exclusive games

2 - Arcade mode: The lab

3 - Arcade mode: MinerWare

- New solo game every week!
We plan on changing the least played solo game every week, To keep things more fresh and more enjoyable
The current solo games are: OITC, DrawMyThings, MurderMyster, TNTRun, GunGame

- New
Economy system!
We are now using coins instead of normal money, Though there is still the default money currency, But it's all inverted to coins automatically as soon as you get it.

- Advanced gadgets and lobby items!
Seriously, If there is only 1 thing that i love about the Minigames server, it's the lobby items including the
Gadgets in the GadgetsMenu.
Here is a small example of what it contains

- Custom resource packs for some games!

I really worked hard on the server, So i'd be really glad if you guys try out the server and tell me what i should do to improve it. I...
Dear RC'ers,

We are planning to end the Beta testing for Bedwars really really soon. However, we need a few things from the community. The winners of the following categories will receive the HIGHEST donor BedWars rank as well as some other goodies to be confirmed.

The things we need are:

BedWars Maps (ALOT OF THEM):
They can be both solo or team based. Please look at the current maps to roughly know what are the specifications needed.

BedWars Spawn:
What we require of the spawn is that once you walk out of the spawn, on the left will be solo, on the right will be teams and in front there needs to be space to put signs

Kit Ideas:
There would be donor kits after the full release of BedWars, as such, we require some kit ideas!

Hope that you all can help us, the BedWars server, to push out the full release of BedWars faster! If there are any inquiries, please feel free to message me.