Hello everyone,

A few of you might have noticed that our servers have a lot of downtime at the moment. I was not aware and I'm pretty angry that nobody told me. I just got back from my vacation and now I need to clean up this shit. (since some of you thought I was being serious here, a lot of people told me. I'm being sarcastic here)

What will we do to get RC back on track?
  • We will get all the servers up and running
  • More voter ranks will be added to gain votes and get higher in the voting lists again. This will help us attract new players.
  • Our lobbies are getting botted a lot by the coolest kids on earth. We will not do anything about this because we don't wanna ruin their fun and they are just too cool for us so we don't wanna mess with them.
  • Clean up our server panel users
  • I will be more active, so instead of 1 hour a week I'll spend 1 hour and 15 minutes a week
  • We will remove our minigames server since our playerbase is too low (will be readded once we hit 10k players again)

I'm really sorry for all the downtime, I ruined the server. The RC managers and me will do our very best to provide you with quality Minecraft time instead of quality downtime.

For the people that are still sticking with RC, thanks. Thanks for not giving up yet.
Hello Randomcraft players! As I promised, the update will be released on New Years, So happy new years, hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Here is a change log of what is on KitPvP. Also please note I did try to add things before this deadline, but RC and my console were constantly down. So please report all bugs in the beta test thread! Happy PvPing!
KitPvP 4.0 Changelog:
  • New main KitPvP lobby
  • Staff rearrangement
  • Menu fixes
  • New ranking system for donators
  • Medals for players
  • New scoreboard
  • Fixes in some glitches/exploits
  • Increased security for KitPvP
  • Punishment histories/ current bans are now lifted for most players.
  • Less lag. Better Hit registration
  • Herobrine removed
  • RC-UHC Events hosted once in a while
  • UHC will include twists with Crazykits
  • Mega Event on January 6th Saturday @ 5:00 PM CST
  • All Stats (I.E. Votes, Crazykits, PracticePvP, Kills, Deaths, Playtime, Donations) ARE CLEARED.
  • Donators please go HERE to reclaim ranks. (yes even if I know you have a rank, just reclaim it here so I don't forget. Also Ranks wont be given out for 3 days atmost.)
  • Other goodies so just be on the look out
  • Hidden areas in main KitPvP lobby for winning prizes. This includes Ranks, Crazykits Kits, kit unlockers, coins, stat boosts, special perks, and cosmetics

  • Kitbattle officially renamed Crazykits
  • Crazykits new map Nara (FPS Heavy)
  • Crazykits new map Flared (FPS Light)
  • Complete revamp on kits for Crazykits
  • Complete revamp on rank names in Crazykits
  • Quests added. (Nara)
  • Items now drop
  • Players can pick items up
  • Soup price decreased to 5.5
  • Items clear...
Hello RC KitPvP player,
I recently fucked up and may or may not have lost everyones rank while trying to make new ranks.
So uh just please reclaim it here.
Happy Holidays!
Hello Randomcraft Community
To get accepted for Hide N Seek And BedWars staff you should fill out the application below.
U can Apply For Both Servers But That Doesnt Mean U Will Get Chosen on Both Of them.
There Will Be 4 New Trial-Mods For Hide N Seek Server. And 6 New Trial-Mods For Bedwars Server.

  • Your in-game nickname:
  • Age:
  • Server U Applying For : (Hide N Seek/\Bedwars Or Both Of them):
  • Have you been banned from any of the RandomCraft servers?(If yes explain why):
  • What is your timezone?:
  • Are you fluent in any languages other than English?:
  • How long can you spend on the server per week? (Just estimate):
  • What makes you special?:
Please read FAQ for some answers.
That's pretty much it! Copy it and paste it down bellow and complete it! For any other questions you can follow here! Don't lie on it! We will check everything.

1. Do i get any free ranks for being staff?
No. You don't get any free ranks for being staff, you just help the server out for yourself! You still need to buy a rank to get kits/other special abilities! But you do get respect from the manager/owners for helping out. Every cheater you ban makes the server much better.

2. How do I know if I become staff?
You get a private message on forums from me! I will ask you to add me on skype and join the staff group, its mostly to know upcoming stuff much earlier (or just chat with cool people)

3. I am a younger age, is it still ok if i become staff?
Yes! Its fine if your younger than other staff.

Hello RandomCrafter's!

As you may noticed, for long time now, our prison server is offline due to hack attacks, grief attacks and an unexpected actions from the old prison managers. Afterall, life keeps going on so we keep going too.
RandomCraft Management decided to work again to re-create our Prison server from scratch, so we thought before we start creating any build, to ask our players their opinion about it.
It's extremely important for us to hear your thoughts, your opinion and of course your ideas, so we can make something beautiful for you. The players. Our players.

So please if you dont mind, fill this form down in the comments and tell us your opinion about it.


Additional comments:
What you want to change on the next update:
What you want to see on the next update:



-You will be the manager of prison?
No. We will work for prison to release a good and stable build for the players. Manager Applications will open.

-When prison will open?
We dont know yet. We are not even started working on it. This thread is just to see your opinion ad your suggestions.

-Will RC close?
We dont know that either. Its not in our hand to know that. We are trying our best to keep it alive.

-What happend with the old managers?
Im not in the right place to talk about it.

-I don't like the update. Bring Back Old Prison!
Please, before you say anything, think that the phase of the server, whatever it will going to be, its not the final result and many other updates will come whether from us, the randomcraft management, whether from the new manager/s whoever is going to be.

From RandomCraft Management Team