the server will be opening for good todayat 1PM EST, which is 17:00 GMT, and 19:00 CET (approx. 40 minutes from when this post is made)! See you soon! It will be cracked, and the donation store will be up!

for the first 2 weeks following the opening of the server, the store will have a 2 for 1 promotion! Buy any rank in the store, and you can get the same rank on another server of your choosing for FREE!

to claim your free rank, please make a post at
Hello Randomcrafters! Myself and the rest of the staff team would like to thank you for your continued patience, and would like to announce that the server will be opening for beta week! We apologize for the one week delay, but host issues that were out of our control forced us to push it back to be able to finish the server.

The schedule for beta week is shown below. Please note that only one server will be open at a time, in order for us to better manage and evaluate each individual server.

All players will have access to all the perks of the premium donation rank during beta week. We may also give all players a substantial amount of money so they can quickly test out the servers. Please note that after beta week, all servers will reset and you will no longer have access to the free donator perks.

After beta week, the server will close down again for as long as we need to fix any and all bugs, balance, and performance issues. Once all of these are addressed, we will have a grand opening!

There will be 3 rank giveaways at the end of beta week, but how we choose the 3 winners will be kept secret untill after beta week! you will have the best chance at winning a rank if you are active and communicate via discord and the forums during beta week!
We will be asking all of our members who particpate in beta week to post bugs and suggestions for each server on the forums and/or discord.

Thanks, and see you soon!
With Survival being finished, and Skyblock nearly done, all we have left is to complete the prison server! Beta week will commence shortly after prison is finished!

If you would like to buy us a cup of coffee or a late night snack, I have put a donation link down below. Please note that using this link will not get you anything on the server, and should only be used in the event that you want to support our efforts in building the server at this time.

Donate here!

See you soon!
Staff applications are now open, and can be found here:
We are not looking for many staff members at this time, so do not get discouraged if you are not accepted!