A legacy gone... The Survival Games server will be closed, permanently, starting today. 4th September 2017.

The past few months of making SG and seeing SG gain 70+ players at the first day was thrilling, however, it slowly went downhill rapidly from there on. It was a good journey, but the server has too low player count that it is non-sustainable.

Fret not though, a new server will be coming to RandomCraft very soon! (By end Sept). The server is none other than... BedWars! We are currently working on BedWars as we speak. Hope that it will help boost RandomCraft's player count.

Next, there are some updates for HideNSeek.

Custom Items have been introduced into HideNSeek!

Snowball is a Seeker Item that when thrown and hit a player, it will freeze and slow the player. Every Seeker would have only 5 snowballs so use it wisely ;)

Flash Bang is a Hider Item that can be thrown at a seeker to give them blindness effect for 3 seconds and wither effect too. Perfect for either killing Seekers or running away from them!

Hope you enjoy all these updates.

See you in BedWars and HideNSeek real soon!

- The Survival Games journey will forever be a part of RandomCraft -
RandomCraft EggWars
Staff Applications September 2017

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ General ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Hey Randomcrafters,

As most of you probably have noticed our server, EggWars is in need for Staff Members.
I will review all of your applications and once I read your application I will send you a private message with the result of you application.

If you got any questions beside feel free to send me a pm on the forums for more information.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Application Format ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
/ 1 \ Basic Information​
  • Minecraft Username:
  • Timezone:
  • Age:
  • Do you have either access Discord or Skype?:
  • Are you able to speak multiple languages? If so which ones:
/ 2 \ Questions

How much time can you be online on the EggWars server?
Have you ever been banned or punished on any other Randomcraft server?

If so, please include details such as how long ago, reason.

Have you had any other experience being a staff member?
If so, please provide information about the rank you were having and on which server.

Is there anything else we are supposed to know?
If there are private things which you would like to add feel free to send me a pm.

Why have you decided to apply on our server?

Does any of our Staff Members recommends you? If so, why?

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Important ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬​
  • Please do not provide any personal information such as your skype, your email, your full name etc. If we need any more information about you we will pm you about it.​
  • Asking in-game to review your application or asking for a staff rank in-game will instantly result in a...​
Hello Randomcrafter's!
The time has come and its time to announce the Skyblock Autumn Update!

We know that you guys expected it for a long time now and you were mostly curious about what is this update.

Im glad to announce the new features of this big update, so let's have a look on them:

New Autumn Themed Spawn
New Autumn Themed Warps
New Autumn Themed PvP Arena, thanks to @LegendaryWizPot
Added Special Kits for high ingame ranks (Ultimate, Hydra, Limitless ONLY)
Added back Jobs
Added BackPacks
Added back BattleMine
Fixed Withdraw bug
Added back ChestShop
Changed the island levels items so from now on the Valuable Blocks (Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald) are getting more island levels.
Added Back mcMMO

Since me and @WhoStoleMyChips have both birthday on same month we've decided to make September a month full of events and have some fun!

1st: Crate Key Drop Party
3rd: Drop Party
4th: Vote Party 5/5
7th: Free Kit Fun:
-God pic, cake, golden enchanted armor
10th: VIP+ Kit for Everyone
11th: Free Fly for Everyone
12th: Sell Leather for $500 the stack
14th: Free Kit MVP Mob
15th: Drop party including some good rewards (It will be our little secret ^_^)
16th: PvP Solo event! Winner gets $350.000
17th: Skelleton Spawner will 350k
21st: Everyone will have the power to teleport to other players and use /is warps
23rd: Spleef event! Winner gets $100.000
25th: Spawner Crate Madness: The price of the Spawner crate key will be 50% off!
27th: Team PvP Event! Choose wisely your teammate. Winner team wons 2 IronGolem Spawners!
30th: Drop Party Madness! Make sure to have clean your inventory, because we will have DropParty 4 times!

Also for limited time: Added Special Crate

We hope that you will enjoy this update, as we worked hard on it for a long time now.

-Skyblock Staff Team
Hello all. I want to start off first by saying this is not a HUGE update but I did want to do this for y'all. Of course no update is perfect and I would appreciate it if you guys could report bugs. I do want to give credit for those that contributed to the update.
  • AerickFF
  • Kornstyla
  • NanoGaming
  • MarcElson
  • Ben1122a_
  • Rondae
  • The RC community
Here is the change log:
Change log for kitpvp 3.1
-New Map// Dyla
-Map// Village removed
-All statistics for Crazy Kits and 1v1 reset
-Renewed kits for Crazykits
-Dracula is nerfed
-Unbreakable tools and armor for crazykits
-New FFA gamemode.
-FFA Nodebuff
- New lobby for Ranked and FFA
-balance of soups and potions for crazykits
-less false warns
-less lag
-For 1v1s, Gapple will have strength 2 and speed 2
-Super event after kitpvp resets. Prizes include (ranks, coins, cosmetics, and custom tags) [TBA]
Also KitPvP are still open so go apply HERE
Hello randomCrafters!
Minigames Is now OPEN

what's new?:
- Old minigames: Old minigames like OITC and murder mystery TNTrun(now changed to Deathrun) and Draw my things are all remade, Everything is completely new from kits to the arenas. We hope that you still enjoy them!
- New minigames: The new games are: The lab, Conquer(CTF), Gungame, Spleef/splegg, Dragon escape, Snake, MicroBattles and Horse Race
More minigames will be added in the future!
- Ranks: A completely new ranks! We removed the in-game ranks because we are planning to add something new, But we added 2 purchasble ranks that i'm sure everyone will like!
King rank:
- access to buy king mystery boxes - access to /pet command - playing the lab is free - access to colored nicknames - effecincy 5 spleef kit - TNT kit in dragon escape - extra time kit in draw my things - jump boost kit in deathrun - 2 arrows kit in OITC - more rewards when voting - gets free cosmetics
Legend rank:
- access to buy king mystery boxes - access to /pet command - playing the lab is free - access to colored nicknames - effecincy 5 spleef kit - TNT kit in dragon escape - extra time kit in draw my things - jump boost kit in deathrun - 2 arrows kit in OITC - more rewards when voting - gets free cosmetics...