Hello randomCrafters!
Minigames Is now OPEN

what's new?:
- Old minigames: Old minigames like OITC and murder mystery TNTrun(now changed to Deathrun) and Draw my things are all remade, Everything is completely new from kits to the arenas. We hope that you still enjoy them!
- New minigames: The new games are: The lab, Conquer(CTF), Gungame, Spleef/splegg, Dragon escape, Snake, MicroBattles and Horse Race
More minigames will be added in the future!
- Ranks: A completely new ranks! We removed the in-game ranks because we are planning to add something new, But we added 2 purchasble ranks that i'm sure everyone will like!
King rank:
- access to buy king mystery boxes - access to /pet command - playing the lab is free - access to colored nicknames - effecincy 5 spleef kit - TNT kit in dragon escape - extra time kit in draw my things - jump boost kit in deathrun - 2 arrows kit in OITC - more rewards when voting - gets free cosmetics
Legend rank:
- access to buy king mystery boxes - access to /pet command - playing the lab is free - access to colored nicknames - effecincy 5 spleef kit - TNT kit in dragon escape - extra time kit in draw my things - jump boost kit in deathrun - 2 arrows kit in OITC - more rewards when voting - gets free cosmetics...
To get accepted for Skywars staff you should fill out the application below. If you get accepted then follow your website private conversations, I'll pm you and tell you what to do next. Now please take a time to fill out the application form:
  • Your in-game nickname:
  • Age:
  • Have you been banned from any of the RandomCraft servers?(If yes explain why):
  • What is your timezone?:
  • Are you fluent in any languages other than English?:
  • How long can you spend on the server per week? (Just estimate):
  • What makes you special?:
Please read FAQ for some answers.
That's pretty much it! Copy it and paste it down bellow and complete it! For any other questions you can follow here! Don't lie on it! We will check everything.

1. Do i get any free ranks for being staff?
No. You don't get any free ranks for being staff, you just help the server out for yourself! You still need to buy a rank to get kits/other special abilities! But you do get respect from the manager/owners for helping out. Every cheater you ban makes the server much better.

2. How do I know if I become staff?
You get a private message on forums from me! I will ask you to add me on skype and join the staff group, its mostly to know upcoming stuff much earlier (or just chat with cool people)

3. I am a younger age, is it still ok if i become staff?
Yes! Its fine if your younger than other staff.
Hello RC'ers,

I am HYLIN_, Manager of Hide N Seek as well as Survival Games.

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this thread to inform you all about the updates that is currently on-going for Hide N Seek and Survival Games.

1) New and Updated Spawn!
2) New and Updated Maps!
3) Hide N Seek Plugin has been updated!
4) Featherboard has been added!

As you all know, Survival Games has been well, dead. Not just on RandomCraft but on all other servers as well. When Survival Games was just released, it has been doing well, topping over 70 players everytime. But ever since, RandomCraft SG has been on a decline. There is not much we could do about the gamemode popularity but still... Here is the updates for Survival Games
1) Teaming Feature (Not confirmed)
2) Reward System, you can win coins and all from quests!

Now, for the juicy bit. We will be having a.... GIVEAWAY! The first 15 people of each server that replies to this thread will get a very own... DONOR RANK! YAYYYY!

Reply in this format to be eligible for the giveaway:
Suggestions for the updates:

If Survival Games is still not doing well... We will unfortunately have to shut it down. I'm sure all of us do not want it right? So what are you waiting for! Spread the word now!


Skywars 3.0 is coming soon!

Release Date: Sunday, July 16th, 2017. 7PM CET

Update Information:
  • Teams: Normal players will default to only getting team sizes of 2. You can get team sizes of 3 by either donating, or ranking up by winning games.
  • Non-Donation Ranks: You can rankup to Falcon, Hawk, and Eagle with rankup tokens. You get 1 token each time you win a game. It takes 30 to rankup to falcon, 40 to rankup to hawk, and 50 to rankup to eagle. Each rank has a special prefix and 3 special kits. Once you rank up to hawk, you can have a party size of 3. Once you get to eagle, you will be able to /feed, and exchange rankup tokens for coins. If you want party sizes of 4+, you will have to donate.
  • Wands: Wand chests can be found in normal chests, as well as in some kits. Right clicking while holding these chests will give you a random wand. by left clicking with these wands, you can cause some amazing things to happen. More information will be available in game by using the help book.
  • Feather Launcher: The feather launcher is back, and it's been improved! It now integrates with our anticheat better, to prevent some of the annoying lag-backs and false jumps. Simple right click it as before to fly into the air!
  • Lucky Blocky/Lucky Mode: Lucky Blocks are back! While the majority of normal maps still have some lucky blocks (sponges) on them, there are also lucky map types! These map types will give you a large amount of lucky blocks inside chests, as well as throughout the map.
  • Insane Mode: Insane mode is similar to the normal mode, except the items you get in...
Release Date: TBD

Progress update and feature showcase:

Map Contest: Click Here!