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Join, Play & Earn!

Join, Play & Earn!

Daily events & rewards

RandomCraft will be hosting daily events starting Friday, 17th of February
Those events will cover all our gamemodes and rewards will include PayPal, Crypto, Discord Nitro & Store Credits

Our first event will be a 1v1 game rotation event. Players will compete against each other playing BedWars, SkyWars, DeathRun, BlockParty & Splegg
1st place will win 75$
2nd place 50$
3rd place Discord Nitro

Weekly updates

To keep our server fresh, We will be updating a different gamemode every week. This includes:
- New Maps
- Gameplay updates
- mechanics changes
- More cosmetics
- Bug fixes

We would love to listen to your suggestions so we can make sure we deliver what YOU want to see on our server


Majority of our players voted for Skyblock to be brought back. Which makes a lot of sense considering how it was our most popular game during 2018-2021
this time, We plan to make it more modern. The gamemode is being built on the 1.19 engine and soon to be updated to 1.20. This allows us to explore more content, game mechanics & better optimization to the game performance

We will make sure to keep you updated on our Discord server

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