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By HYLIN on Sep 4, 2017 at 3:48 PM
  1. HYLIN

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    Apr 28, 2017
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    A legacy gone... The Survival Games server will be closed, permanently, starting today. 4th September 2017.

    The past few months of making SG and seeing SG gain 70+ players at the first day was thrilling, however, it slowly went downhill rapidly from there on. It was a good journey, but the server has too low player count that it is non-sustainable.

    Fret not though, a new server will be coming to RandomCraft very soon! (By end Sept). The server is none other than... BedWars! We are currently working on BedWars as we speak. Hope that it will help boost RandomCraft's player count.

    Next, there are some updates for HideNSeek.

    Custom Items have been introduced into HideNSeek!

    Snowball is a Seeker Item that when thrown and hit a player, it will freeze and slow the player. Every Seeker would have only 5 snowballs so use it wisely ;)

    Flash Bang is a Hider Item that can be thrown at a seeker to give them blindness effect for 3 seconds and wither effect too. Perfect for either killing Seekers or running away from them!

    Hope you enjoy all these updates.

    See you in BedWars and HideNSeek real soon!

    - The Survival Games journey will forever be a part of RandomCraft -
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Discussion in 'Hide and Seek' started by HYLIN, Sep 4, 2017.

    1. VecZ
      gg HYLIN_ i dreamed That RC would have BedWars BedWars will make alot of people to come to RC
    2. ilogicEz
      I WILL MISS U SG :(
    3. nicegirl
      You could update eggwars like bedwars instead of bedwars. But I think this is a horrible idea. I will miss SG too. I want more player to play here because there are awesome servers, but there is so less players. So, this thread is very great to RancomCraft.
    4. xoit_D
      sg is a good game but we need to remove something to get great thing also most of the staff team feel sorry for sg but they need bed war to get more player so :(
    5. MrManGR || George
      MrManGR || George
      Well. I'm confused. Is it good or not?
      Also. It's not a good idea to make eggwars bedwars. We will have EggWars updates but SG wasn't a huge success in the end. We need more players.
      And BedWars, despite the many similar things that has with EggWars, will increase server's popularity and reputation.
    6. Wizzeh
      Btw This Will Actually Be Great i Mean Look at all the Big At All the Big Servers Which Have Bedwars...
      They Are Popular Af
      This Would Be A Great and Popular Addition....
      Atleast in my Perspective
    7. Saba
      Finally we can play BW on rc
    8. IWasRage
      Very Good I think It will be Fun but I think It will have more lag!
    9. Marc
      Yes finally! Also, HYLIN thank you for everything that you did to Randomcraft, for all your hard work, thanks also for trying your best just to improve the game. Thank you very much, we really appreciate your hard work.
    10. xoit_D
      i wanna be a Mod in bed war am free time and fully time
      Minecraft Username:Lv27
      Do you have either access Discord or Skype?:YES DISCORD ZerfNab#3945
      Are you able to speak multiple languages? If so which ones:i speak arabic and english but my public speaking is not fully understandable like you can get 30% understand what am speaking about also i dont have mic am doing build pc so soon i will be able to talk my Institute will start soon and i will be able to speak well in 4 month or 6

      How much time can you be online on the Bed war server? 3 to 2 hour when school start
      Have you ever been banned or punished on any other Randomcraft server? yes i was hacking before in account call xoit i use hack because i was new but now am fully understand that hack is bad and is not fair for other people.

      If so, please include details such as how long ago, reason. above

      Have you had any other experience being a staff member? yes am a manager in faction server and a Mod on sky block server am free time so yes i will be left Mod sky block soon so yeah so yes am free time for my lovely server yay :D
      If so, please provide information about the rank you were having and on which server.

      Is there anything else we are supposed to know? am short and am a nerd :)
      Why have you decided to apply on our server? i love this server and i want to keep it up but i cant donat right now because school and am 16 not 18 to get visa card also am free time and i want it to make it full :(
    11. Marc
      @xoit_D please wait for the Bedwars Staff application.
    12. xoit_D
      ok sorry for send it because i was asking how one of the staff team get a mod on bed war i thought that i got lost and the application sstart am really really really sorry
    13. IWasRage
      He can't wait. It seems that he could be one of the best mods in bed wars.;)
      don't be sorry I always make mistake :p
    14. robinx
      BedWars now ???? Y everything good happens when i cant play ? xD
    15. iiNebula
      This is an amazing update! Thank you Randomcraft Staff!