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By treav0r on Sep 26, 2017 at 7:38 PM
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    Apr 28, 2017
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    RandomCraft EggWars
    Hello RandomCrafter's!

    With the upcoming update, we are looking for some new, community made maps to add to the new EggWars server! Those who have their maps chosen will receive the WarriorEgg Rank from our Store, thanks to our owner, _AlterEgo. Also, you will get a special tag for your services. You will receive your rewards on the new EggWars server when it will be updated!
    To submit your map, you need to include the following in your post:​
    • Your in-game nickname:​
    • The name of your map:​
    • Size of map (Small, Medium, Big) :​
    • The number of teams for the map (or number of players if it is a solo map):​
    • The numbers of players per team (if not a solo map):​
    Each map must have:

    Solo Maps:​
    • 1 Iron,1 Gold, 1 Diamond Generator on each Island​
    • 2 Iron, 2 Gold, 2 Diamond, 1 Emerald Generators on Middle Island​
    • Place for the Dragon Egg​
    • Spawnpoint for the Villager​
    Team Maps:​
    • 2 Iron,1 Gold, 1 Diamond Generator on each Island
    • 2 Iron, 2 Gold, 2 Diamond, 1 Emerald Generators on Middle Island
    • Place for the Dragon Egg
    • Spawnpoint for the Villager
    Each team can have 1/2/3/4/5/10 players.
    Teams limit on every map: 2/4/6/8/10/12 Teams


    Sadly, our creative server is no longer online, so you will have to find some other way to build your maps. Once your map is built, you can attach it to your post as either a schematic or as a world download. Include pictures of your map in your post!

    1. Should I make cages on top of the islands for spawnpoints?
    No. we set the spawnpoints for each team/player with commands, so please do not put any glass above any of the islands.

    2. If I submitted a bunch of maps will one get chosen for sure?
    No, we chose maps based on whether or not we like them, and based on what types of map we feel we need more of.

    3. Can I get a staff rank instead of a donator rank?

    Get building! ;)
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