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    Hello Randomcraft players! As I promised, the update will be released on New Years, So happy new years, hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Here is a change log of what is on KitPvP. Also please note I did try to add things before this deadline, but RC and my console were constantly down. So please report all bugs in the beta test thread! Happy PvPing!
    KitPvP 4.0 Changelog:
    • New main KitPvP lobby
    • Staff rearrangement
    • Menu fixes
    • New ranking system for donators
    • Medals for players
    • New scoreboard
    • Fixes in some glitches/exploits
    • Increased security for KitPvP
    • Punishment histories/ current bans are now lifted for most players.
    • Less lag. Better Hit registration
    • Herobrine removed
    • RC-UHC Events hosted once in a while
    • UHC will include twists with Crazykits
    • Mega Event on January 6th Saturday @ 5:00 PM CST
    • All Stats (I.E. Votes, Crazykits, PracticePvP, Kills, Deaths, Playtime, Donations) ARE CLEARED.
    • Donators please go HERE to reclaim ranks. (yes even if I know you have a rank, just reclaim it here so I don't forget. Also Ranks wont be given out for 3 days atmost.)
    • Other goodies so just be on the look out
    • Hidden areas in main KitPvP lobby for winning prizes. This includes Ranks, Crazykits Kits, kit unlockers, coins, stat boosts, special perks, and cosmetics

    • Kitbattle officially renamed Crazykits
    • Crazykits new map Nara (FPS Heavy)
    • Crazykits new map Flared (FPS Light)
    • Complete revamp on kits for Crazykits
    • Complete revamp on rank names in Crazykits
    • Quests added. (Nara)
    • Items now drop
    • Players can pick items up
    • Soup price decreased to 5.5
    • Items clear after a short amount of time
    • Playervaults added. (/pv 1&2)
    • /kb spectate

    • Elo system implemented
    • Parties are more organized
    • PracticePvP gamemodes added. Combo, ComboBuildUHC, RandomCraft PvP
    • Kit editing
    • New maps&kits to play on. (Still adding more.)
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