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By _BoomBoy on Jul 9, 2017 at 11:03 PM
  1. _BoomBoy


    Minecraft accounts: _BoomBoy
    Apr 27, 2017
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    I've made this thread to inform the community of current events, problems and other stuff related to KitPvP. It's not necessary to read all I have written, but I highly recommend to do so. I've organized the thread in spoilers so it's easier to find the info you are looking for.

    Starting off with the reset: coins have already been reset, but I totally missed out on kit unlockers, ranks and levels in crazy kits. For that reason, all the stats have been reset (kits, money, levels). I understand that some people work pretty hard and pvp a lot on the server so I'll add a global booster (12 hrs) for getting more levels as well as 3 default kits for everyone.

    Since KitPvP has been back up in the past couple of days, quite a few bugs have showed up and need to be eliminated. Some of them are:
    • Bows not doing damage
    • Glitching with enderperals
    • Glitching with certain kits (might just remove those)
    • Invincibility bug on afk
    • Small problems with anti cheat
    I will spend some time tomorrow and most likely fix these bugs, but for easier work, the server will stay whitelisted. Don't worry, it won't take long, and most likely KitPvP will be open some time on Tuesday afternoon (CET) if not sooner. I might have missed out on some bugs, but I'd be thankful if you could share the problems you have experienced in the past couple of days. Any suggestions will be appreciated! (Try to put all the bugs/suggestions in one reply by editing the post instead of creating multiple ones)

    We have updated and improved our donator ranks a little. There are also mystery boxes now available (or soon will be) at the donation store! If you wish to donate and support us, visit:
    If you had a rank before the update/reset and don't have it now, please create a ticket.

    As suggested by call911 the amount of staff needs to be increased. All current KitPvP mods are already promoted to admins, therefore only mod applications will be open at the moment (maybe one admin will be picked). I won't be making a separate thread for applications since I don't find it necessary.

    To apply for staff position, fill in the form below and comment it on the thread:
    • IGN - your current minecraft name you use to play on KitPvP
    • Skype - yes/no. It's highly recommended that you have or get Skype.
    • Age: self-explanatory (optional, but recommended)
    • Meme master level - our staff team consists of high level meme masters. If you don't understand memes or jokes, you will not fit in. This is serious...
    • Why would you like to become staff: no need for long paragraph. Bullet points are just fine
    Copy the code below:
    Meme master level:
    Why would you like to become staff:

    New staff will be picked at the end of this week.
    Some info about staff positions:

    • You won't automatically get donor perks
    • You won't receive free ranks
    • There is no guarantee you will be promoted to admin later

    Thanks for reading this thread. Hope to see you on the server!

    Special thanks to Toninq, Paecho & Jitterinq for reporting bugs (and helping to fix some of them).
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Discussion in 'KitPvP' started by _BoomBoy, Jul 9, 2017.

    1. .Ace
      Skype:I will Pm it to you
      Meme master level:its over 9000000000000000000000000000
      Why would you like to become staff:I want to help players making Kit pvp a place were they can play with no hackers or other breaking the rules
      Last edited: Jul 9, 2017
    2. treav0r
      IGN: treav0r
      Skype: Treav T (If you can't find me make sure to message me)
      Age: 17 and half
      Meme master level: almost 69,666 level
      Why would you like to become staff: I would like to become staff member on KitPvP to help even more as much i can with all my powers the server on anything that i can and needed most. Thanks for this big opportunity and i hope to get chosen. Good luck to everyone.

    3. Kornstyla
      IGN: Kornstyla
      Skype: U have
      Meme Master Level: 69696969696666 3Dank5U ExdeeeeeeRAAWWrRrRRR
      Applying for Head Semi-Trial Rookie don't worry my perms will be /hub or /lobby..i'll only abuse all the time and and if someone says that someone hacks..i wont waste my time and check ill just ban then straight away so i'll have more time to abuse
      Last edited: Jul 9, 2017
    4. Ryanx22
      The free soup signs don't really work. I right-clicked them but it doesn't seem to open a gui where I can get soup. I'm not sure if my inventory has to be completely empty or if it is just a prank sign. This bug could have been reported already since it is kinda obvious to notice. Or it could have been just me and works totally fine for other people.
      //BoomBoy: Those signs were imported with the map so they don't work. I have been replacing them yesterday. I couldn't find all of them, so if you could specify coordinates of the signs, I will fix them.

      IGN: Ryanx22
      Skype: Ryanx22
      Age: 14
      Meme master level: High. Like space high. Higher than the word high, which is high. More higher than the kid that plays with explosives. Which I like to call him:BoomBoy. Still not really sure if this is necessary.
      Why would you like to become staff: I've been playing a lot around kit pvp recently and I've noticed many people swearing at others just because they are salty or losing a fight. I hate to see people calling each other noobs, giving other people a hard time playing this server. I also like to control the amount of hackers and the level of people hackusating in chat. It could be my timezone, since I haven't seen many other staff online at kit pvp. Usually just one person: Kornstyla_ . I'll try my hardest to help if I can.
    5. LiNc
      IGN: LiNc18
      Skype: Got it
      Age: 11
      Meme master level: RaWr
      Why would you like to become staff: First of all I'd like to say that I know I got banned like couple months ago but I'd guess I'm all cool now.
      If not then not, even tho I don't have much of a chance after my ban I'll try ecks dee.

      I'd like to become staff because I know what I am doing at @kitpvp since every update I was staff there, as well as I was one of the first staff when it was launched by bumkid; was me Bum and Vent, all staff of KitPvp love me too.
      I ain't cringy or anything and I'm quite matured as well as quite kind n nice when I want to be. I am quite experienced with permissions and commands etc. Since I had manager position around 3-4 times and Admin position around 20 times.

      I know the owners and head's don't quite like me but it's alrighttt.
    6. asem
      IGN: asem
      Meme master level:high in the space like a big rocket
      Why would you like to become staff: help ppl...etc
      try to improve the server
    7. Goldfish2000
      IGN: Rondae ( X Alwoo) ( )
      Skype: goldfish-90 (Brendan S) <----- Add me on skype if u tryna be in some YT vids or on stream with me
      Age: 16
      Meme master level: incomprehensible to you simpletons call me plankton and i own the most successful restaurant in Bikini Bottom, Chum Bucket
      Why would you like to become staff: Cause i'm too good to not be am i right or am i right

      Did i win???
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      Get outta here nab r u tryna be staff on all of RC or what :p
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    8. XxProlelxX
      IGN: PasCrit
      Skype: PasCrit KEK (Pm me if u cant find it)
      Age: 11.5
      Meme Master Level: ROFL Higness. IT'S OVER 9000!!! And higher than John Cena's weight.
      Why would you like to become staff: I want to make KitPvp a place where people can play fairly with no hacks and rule breakers. Just to point out I've been banned by watchdog for "Killaura Detected" and tbh i didnt hack it's because of lag.
    9. George2002RC
      IGN: George2002RC
      facebook:gewrgioskdell OR George Konovaliotis
      Age: 15
      Meme master level: High I suppose
      Why would you like to become staff: Well, I 've been staff in servers. I recently got promoted in HnS Helper>Mod and I 'm Helper in EggWars. I have been staff in HCF which is PvP mostly like KitPvP. You might see people who apply but you may consider those who don't have many staff positions becasue they are less busy. Some people have like 3-5 positions. I have 2 so this 3rd one would fill my free time for RC. I would like to help and be part of the staff team.
    10. Proxorr
      Sorry you must have gotten the wrong format @George2002RC

      Replace Meme master level with Cringe master level and its all good!
      --- Double Post Merged: Jul 10, 2017 at 4:47 AM ---
      IGN: Proxorrrr

      Skype: u have it C:C:::

      Age: im 12 but i turn 11 next month

      Meme master level: I'd rate that a 9/11 rawr exde jk its a 10/10

      Why would you like to become staff: Im not applying for staff im applying for kornstylas mentor, cuz that trial rookie thing sounds advanced af and with my experience with abusing and stuff i feel like me and korn can be a gr8 team together please consider this as its a veri nice chance for server man!
      Last edited by a moderator: Jul 18, 2017 at 4:00 AM
    11. coolievybez
      • IGN - coolievybez
      • Skype - yes you have it already
      • Meme master level - 5 mil
      • Why would you like to become staff: I would like to be staff because I would like to help out with bugs, punishments, and building for the server. I also want to make the community a better place (which I have been doing before I got demoted) and make sure that there aren't any toxic players that swear and talk bad about other players. Thanks for reading my application have a blessed day.
    12. OMgLGaming
      IGN: OMgLGaming
      Skype: pm if needed
      Age: 16
      Meme master level: [​IMG]
      Why would you like to become staff: Ban hackers, mute spammers,

    13. Jitterinq
      IGN: Jitterinq
      Skype: I will pm if needed
      Meme master level: Tf is this question, of course im 10/10.
      Why would you like to become staff: Find MORE glitches/bugs, ban hackers and mute little annoying kiddies ( My sister) :D
    14. George2002RC
      Well @Proxorr your signature image is more cringe than me ;) :D
    15. George2002RC
      This is what I will say to prox after 20 years or earlier.


      And then...
    16. VenomsHD
      IGN: Better Anti cheat

      AnTi CHeaT AnTI ChEat aND aNtI cHeAt

      pls pls pik me
    17. GGgamer454_
      IGN: GGgamer454
      Skype: I will pm you on disoard, if you need
      Age: 15 years old, soon 69, oops I mean 16 soon, kappa
      Meme master level: 1.jpg
      Why would you like to become staff: I want to ban absolute shit out of hackers
      P.S. plz choose me it's ^18E4D713C5B857EB5EF3789C402C9A6F7EAFD6AC598D87B85F^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr.jpg
      --- Double Post Merged: Jul 10, 2017 at 1:51 PM ---
      Why I feel I will get banned, because of ''Special request from ben", plz no it's a joke, Ben <3
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    18. Boom4235
      Skype:I will Pm If Needed
      Meme master level:OVER 9000
      Why would you like to become staff:I would like to Improve the server so player could have better experiences playing in Randomcraft, I personally have played in Randomcraft And This is The Server that I would like to Help Become The Best Server EVER!!!!.
      And To Make Randomcraft's Kit-PvP Anti-Hacker And To Make Nobody break the rules.
    19. treav0r
      Rip yourself :D
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