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By call911 on Oct 3, 2017 at 12:11 PM
  1. call911

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    Apr 30, 2017
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    Hello RandomCrafters,
    I'm happy to annouce that
    MiniGames v2 is Now online!
    We've done so much things on the server to improve it and make players enjoy their stay there, I will list few things that are added to the server.

    - Arcade Modes!
    We now have 3 different Arcade modes.
    Which means multiple mini games played in just 1 game, with connected rewards and kits!
    1 -
    Arcade mode: Exclusive games

    2 - Arcade mode: The lab

    3 - Arcade mode: MinerWare

    - New solo game every week!
    We plan on changing the least played solo game every week, To keep things more fresh and more enjoyable
    The current solo games are: OITC, DrawMyThings, MurderMyster, TNTRun, GunGame

    - New
    Economy system!
    We are now using coins instead of normal money, Though there is still the default money currency, But it's all inverted to coins automatically as soon as you get it.

    - Advanced gadgets and lobby items!
    Seriously, If there is only 1 thing that i love about the Minigames server, it's the lobby items including the
    Gadgets in the GadgetsMenu.
    Here is a small example of what it contains

    - Custom resource packs for some games!

    I really worked hard on the server, So i'd be really glad if you guys try out the server and tell me what i should do to improve it. I put hours and hours trying my make the server better.
    Staff applications will open soon, Stay tuned!
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Discussion in 'Minigames' started by call911, Oct 3, 2017.