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By treav0r on Dec 12, 2017 at 9:18 PM
  1. treav0r


    Minecraft accounts: treav0r_
    Apr 28, 2017
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    Hello RandomCrafter's!

    As you may noticed, for long time now, our prison server is offline due to hack attacks, grief attacks and an unexpected actions from the old prison managers. Afterall, life keeps going on so we keep going too.
    RandomCraft Management decided to work again to re-create our Prison server from scratch, so we thought before we start creating any build, to ask our players their opinion about it.
    It's extremely important for us to hear your thoughts, your opinion and of course your ideas, so we can make something beautiful for you. The players. Our players.

    So please if you dont mind, fill this form down in the comments and tell us your opinion about it.


    Additional comments:
    What you want to change on the next update:
    What you want to see on the next update:



    -You will be the manager of prison?
    No. We will work for prison to release a good and stable build for the players. Manager Applications will open.

    -When prison will open?
    We dont know yet. We are not even started working on it. This thread is just to see your opinion ad your suggestions.

    -Will RC close?
    We dont know that either. Its not in our hand to know that. We are trying our best to keep it alive.

    -What happend with the old managers?
    Im not in the right place to talk about it.

    -I don't like the update. Bring Back Old Prison!
    Please, before you say anything, think that the phase of the server, whatever it will going to be, its not the final result and many other updates will come whether from us, the randomcraft management, whether from the new manager/s whoever is going to be.

    From RandomCraft Management Team
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Discussion in 'Prison' started by treav0r, Dec 12, 2017.

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    1. Vintax
      IGN: Vintax
      Suggestions: I wanna start of by saying that i'd appreceate to see a caring managed with experience in coding rather than somebody who has been here for a long time. Also, the staff shoud consist of players who have knowlege and experiance in minecraft. It would be great to have a properly working anticheat that wont detect jitterclicking and good aim as killaura and hitbox detection (aimbot). There shoud be 1 customenchants plugin that works properly and is well balanced so nobody who has ce's is way too op for other players. There shoud be good rules and instructions as to how you shoud play prison and what you can do and what you cant do. The token and enchant plugins need to be fixed ( the ones you access by typing /te or /enchant). The quest plugin was nice in my opinion but you had only 2 quests if you're a donor and 1 if you're not. There shoud be /warp shop with all nessesary items that you could buy and sell. Chestshop plugin needs to be implemented for all players, not just donors. There shoud be a concept that would keep the players playing, such as fast ranking up in the beggining and slow as you progress further. The donor shop should be fixed. Privatevaults plugin should be implemented again or a plugin like it and the duplication bug should be fixed in another way rather than removing the entire plugin itself. Gang or clan plugin should exist. Hoppers should be enabled but with a limit of like 3-4 maybe 5 per plot.
      Additional comments: Nothing
      What you want to change on the next update and see on the next update: Mentioned in "Suggestions" part.
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    2. Saba
      IGN: Joshbradley13
      Suggestions: make events in almost every week make ppl fly on their plot that would be cool and make special PvP events in every week or 2 ;)
      Additional info no
      What u want to change on next update:I liked prison like it was last time except of u add those and would make sure to test all plugins if they work good enough Soo less broken bugs
      What u want to see on next update : it would he cool if there will be made Christmas themed on everything even score board and spawn mines and etc TYVM and good luck! :)
    3. Fady123
      IGN: Purplistic
      Suggestions: first of all: I would like to talk about staff the server needs experienced staff that work on all timezones and server needs a good anticheat doesn't detect legit players second: fixing stuff with tokens really sucks it costs too much tokens to fix a piece of ce armor so iam asking to bring back gems it was the best thing that was made idk why it is removed (you collect gems while mining and you can spend it on buying backpacks or fixing stuff) third: update donor mines it should have no water...
    4. Xezoren(OnlinePlayz)
      Suggestion: Okay so 1 simple thing, make it ez on new players by allowing people to have a plot at rank O or P ..... I mean i never did see a prison server with this policy but if u wanna follow it, then make it ez.... If i player gets interested in playing with us and wants to go along, he would be disappointed to know that it will take him A LOT to get a plot, especially when it is a new player who doesnt have a single friend playing in prison. Another thingy is that u dont keep us updated with what is happened UNLESS we ask for it.
      Additional comments:
      What you want to change on the next update: i dont know
      What you want to see on the next update: idk
    5. hakerthunder
      IGN: hakerthunder
      Suggestion: Add some more Treasure hunts or events that include players to find stuffs in order to win the game and get good prize. An example is that at Christmas players will play an event like finding the presents around prison map, it could be anywhere and whoever find them get the prizes inside them .
      Add better loot on Goodie box, give better prizes in voter crates, lower the upgrade price a lil bit and make the fortune in bed pick better to make it worth 100 euro.
      Add backpacks back to give donor rank worth real money, I would suggest add CE back but just dont give back hellforge which is insanely op in godset. Allow players to have a plot at rank O not R, make pvp worth something not just fighting newbies.
      Increase the price of obsidians because it takes alot of time to break them, even with bed picks.
    6. btman
      IGN : btman
      Suggestion : Tokens . You get tokens from voting and mining , Voting 10 tokens , mining by chance 1 each. and /tokenshop to buy stuffs like 100 tokens for em a normal pickaxe and you can transfer tokens to money like 100 tokens for (100K example ) you can set it by the current currency , and maybe custom enchants for pickaxes , like exploding ( chances like 1% to spawn a tnt and explode the blocks , and the exploded blocks into the inv , damageless and the exploding may be upgraded by 100Tokens each level) And you can have spells like speed haste or something on the pick. If my ideas works , you can put likke 1000 tokens on buycraft for 2Euros ( Maybe ) By manager opinion and you can buy crates with the tokens. Maybe , another of my idea is IN GAME RANKS buyable for load of money like in sb . Like Jr Miner , Miner , Eliter Miner and Legendary Miner : All has kits , but worst than donors
      hope to change it with the tokens next update and the in game ranks :D
      Hope to see these on the new update
    7. asem
      Suggestion:add some dildos shops and ummm maybe some ***toys
      Additional comments:just do that .ty
      What you want to change on the next update:add Jake Paul merch
      What you want to see on the next update: add Logan Paul merch
    8. btman
      Ign btman
      And too , gamble can be added like sb
    9. RollOnMyBl0ck
    10. treav0r
    11. Redboss77
    12. Deltaa
      IGN: Penisman
      Suggestion: Stop Breathing
      Additional comments: stfu
      What you want to change on the next update: Cancer,Aids,ebola,Tons of twin towers
      What you want to see on the next update: Twin Towers ps Give me op.
    13. BaccaCraft
      IGN: BaccaCraft
      Suggestion: mabye add pickaxe enchants and add so players can fly in their plot
      Additional comments: Nothing
      What you want to change on the next update: Just Better anticheat really
      What you want to see on the next update: new anticheat
    14. Proxorr