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    Because Im moving places I have no time to work on the server this weekend. My provider also decided to shut down my internet because they thought I already moved to my new place. So ive had no internet since Thursday. If this wasnt the case the server wouldve been up and running already. My internet ahould be back on Monday so the release date will be postponed. My apoligies.

    Hi all,

    The cracked server will stop working in 2 days. On Saturday the 10th of Febraury we will open RC again but this time in premium mode.

    More info will come soon.

    Update 1:
    We've decided to premium because of the following reasons
    • We do not have a solution for the bot attacks.
    • We had too many servers for our player count
    • We can't improve a server because we are constantly getting griefed
    • We want a safer server

    Randomcraft will start over. We know the player count will drop by a lot and we would be lucky to hit 20 players. Our plan is to rebuild the server again while being premium. It's a risk we have to take because we couldn't revive cracked Randomcraft anymore. Some servers will be gone for now but once we grow they will come back.

    All staff ranks will be lost (with some exceptions) and we will pick new ones by application.
    We will add global ranks

    Did you purchase a rank on another server?
    If you've donated on another server that is not there anymore you will get your donation revenue in our global ranks. So if you were gold on prison you will get a global rank on our premium server that's the is worth the same amount of money.
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