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By treav0r on Aug 31, 2017 at 9:52 PM
  1. treav0r


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    Apr 28, 2017
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    Hello Randomcrafter's!
    The time has come and its time to announce the Skyblock Autumn Update!
    We know that you guys expected it for a long time now and you were mostly curious about what is this update.

    Im glad to announce the new features of this big update, so let's have a look on them:

    New Autumn Themed Spawn
    New Autumn Themed Warps
    New Autumn Themed PvP Arena, thanks to @LegendaryWizPot
    Added Special Kits for high ingame ranks (Ultimate, Hydra, Limitless ONLY)
    Added back Jobs
    Added BackPacks
    Added back BattleMine
    Fixed Withdraw bug
    Added back ChestShop
    Changed the island levels items so from now on the Valuable Blocks (Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald) are getting more island levels.
    Added Back mcMMO

    Since me and @WhoStoleMyChips have both birthday on same month we've decided to make September a month full of events and have some fun!

    1st: Crate Key Drop Party
    3rd: Drop Party
    4th: Vote Party 5/5
    7th: Free Kit Fun:
    -God pic, cake, golden enchanted armor
    10th: VIP+ Kit for Everyone
    11th: Free Fly for Everyone
    12th: Sell Leather for $500 the stack
    14th: Free Kit MVP Mob
    15th: Drop party including some good rewards (It will be our little secret ^_^)
    16th: PvP Solo event! Winner gets $350.000
    17th: Skelleton Spawner will 350k
    21st: Everyone will have the power to teleport to other players and use /is warps
    23rd: Spleef event! Winner gets $100.000
    25th: Spawner Crate Madness: The price of the Spawner crate key will be 50% off!
    27th: Team PvP Event! Choose wisely your teammate. Winner team wons 2 IronGolem Spawners!
    30th: Drop Party Madness! Make sure to have clean your inventory, because we will have DropParty 4 times!

    Also for limited time: Added Special Crate

    We hope that you will enjoy this update, as we worked hard on it for a long time now.

    -Skyblock Staff Team
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Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by treav0r, Aug 31, 2017.