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    Hey all!

    I am happy to announce that we have finished our SkyBlock update, I am sorry that it took a while, But i was very busy and without the help of Obi i wouldn't be able to finish it Here is a list of stuff added.

    Rankups (/ranks)
    We added a rankup system, To add more rewards to the hard work that some player put.


    A new way to make money, Get a money printer, Place it on your island, And collect the money it prints for you! There are different kind of printers, You can see the printers types in the shop in-game!

    moneyprinter 0.png

    We added a list of Pets and Trails that you can get after you rankup. We will be added few pets/Trails packs to the store, And add few of them to donators only. We will post more updates about this new system on our discord soon, So many sure you join!

    Server opens Tomorrow 4pm GMT+1
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