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    Skywars 3.0 is coming soon!

    Release Date: Sunday, July 16th, 2017. 7PM CET

    Update Information:
    • Teams: Normal players will default to only getting team sizes of 2. You can get team sizes of 3 by either donating, or ranking up by winning games.
    • Non-Donation Ranks: You can rankup to Falcon, Hawk, and Eagle with rankup tokens. You get 1 token each time you win a game. It takes 30 to rankup to falcon, 40 to rankup to hawk, and 50 to rankup to eagle. Each rank has a special prefix and 3 special kits. Once you rank up to hawk, you can have a party size of 3. Once you get to eagle, you will be able to /feed, and exchange rankup tokens for coins. If you want party sizes of 4+, you will have to donate.
    • Wands: Wand chests can be found in normal chests, as well as in some kits. Right clicking while holding these chests will give you a random wand. by left clicking with these wands, you can cause some amazing things to happen. More information will be available in game by using the help book.
    • Feather Launcher: The feather launcher is back, and it's been improved! It now integrates with our anticheat better, to prevent some of the annoying lag-backs and false jumps. Simple right click it as before to fly into the air!
    • Lucky Blocky/Lucky Mode: Lucky Blocks are back! While the majority of normal maps still have some lucky blocks (sponges) on them, there are also lucky map types! These map types will give you a large amount of lucky blocks inside chests, as well as throughout the map.
    • Insane Mode: Insane mode is similar to the normal mode, except the items you get in chests are much stronger. There is also a higher chance of obtaining wand chests, enderpearls, and feather launchers from chests in this mode.
    • Rush Mode: Rush mode is a spinoff of both Insane and Normal mode. All the chests will contain the same items as one of these modes, but all the islands will be connected right off the bat! You have to move extremely fast in this mode, as it takes only seconds to reach the other players!
    • Kits/Cages/Trails: There will be a number of kits, cages, and trails available to all users. There will then be a number that are locked to the falcon, hawk, and eagle ranks. The reset will then be available to donators only. You can obtain kits, cages, and trails by two methods. The first is through the mystery box. By spending a set amount of money, you can use the mystery chest and obtain a random kit, cage, or trail. the second method is by buying what you want directly from the shop. This is much more expensive than using the mystery crate, but it ensures that you get exactly what you want.
    • Achievements: By completely certain tasks, you will be able to unlock extra coins. Some of these achievements include getting x amount of kills, x amount of wins, and catching x amount of fish (Zavarin, i'm looking at you).
    • Monster Allies: It is now possible to find spawn eggs in chests and in some select kits. Using these spawn eggs will create monsters that protect you and attack your enemies. These monsters will also teleport around you as you move through the map.
    New Donator Perks:
    • 36 Unique and special pets! (including but not limited to turtles, tigers, and lions)
    • Double Jump! (30 second cooldown, skyking+ only)
    • 8 Special Abilities! (triple arrow shot, get regen after kills, golden apples after kills, chance to not consume arrows/blocks, shoot flaming arrows, raise sharpness of sword with kills)
    • 40 Particle Trails! (Normal trails, block trails, and rain trails)
    • Wings! (Skygod only)
    • Colored Names! (skyhero+ only)
    • Earn up to 3x the coins as normal players!
    • Party sizes of up to 5 people instead of 2!
    • Access 36 donator only kits!
    • Access 40 donator only cages and trails!
    • Custom Prefixes (skygod only)
    • Join the server when it's full!
    • /feed (skygod only)
    • There is a secret in the new skywars lobby! The first two people to find, screenshot, and post this secret on the forums will receive a free, 10 euro donator rank! You will know you have found the secret when you see a sign telling you to screenshot it and post it on the forums.
    • When the server first opens, I will be playing in several games. If you manage to kill me in one of these games, you will be rewarded with 10 free rankup tokens and 500 coins!
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