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    Hello everyone,

    A few of you might have noticed that our servers have a lot of downtime at the moment. I was not aware and I'm pretty angry that nobody told me. I just got back from my vacation and now I need to clean up this shit. (since some of you thought I was being serious here, a lot of people told me. I'm being sarcastic here)

    What will we do to get RC back on track?
    • We will get all the servers up and running
    • More voter ranks will be added to gain votes and get higher in the voting lists again. This will help us attract new players.
    • Our lobbies are getting botted a lot by the coolest kids on earth. We will not do anything about this because we don't wanna ruin their fun and they are just too cool for us so we don't wanna mess with them.
    • Clean up our server panel users
    • I will be more active, so instead of 1 hour a week I'll spend 1 hour and 15 minutes a week
    • We will remove our minigames server since our playerbase is too low (will be readded once we hit 10k players again)

    I'm really sorry for all the downtime, I ruined the server. The RC managers and me will do our very best to provide you with quality Minecraft time instead of quality downtime.

    For the people that are still sticking with RC, thanks. Thanks for not giving up yet.
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